Arrow Global Group is a credit management services provider business that uses proprietary data and analytics capabilities to acquire and manage debt portfolios from financial institution and other credit providers. We purchase secured and unsecured non-performing debt portfolios consisting of both consumer and SME accounts from across the UK and mainland Europe.

We use proprietary data and analytics capabilities to acquire and manage defaulted consumer debt portfolios from financial institutions and other credit providers. In particular, we seek to build a consolidated profile of each customer’s circumstances, ensuring we help customers to repay their debts in a timely and affordable way.

This approach has helped us to develop long-standing relationships with leading debt sellers, establish a strong compliance track record and build scale to achieve long term growth.

We generate value in our business in one of two ways:

• We buy debt at a discount from its face value and use our expertise in data, analytics and collections to help us establish affordable repayment plans and settlements with our customers. We expect to collect approximately twice our investment over a period of 10 years

• We also advise on and manage debt portfolios on behalf of others and charge a fee for this service

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Business and financial review

  £m £m
84 month ERC 1 1,516.9 1,339.19
  £m £m
Purchases of loan portfolios 223.9 258.4
Core collections 342.2 286.0
Adjusted EBITDA 2 230.6 209.1
Underlying Net Income 3 56.6 45.6



1 The Group's estimated remaining collections on purchased loan portfolios over a 120-month period.

2 Adjusted EBITDA means profit for the year attributable to equity shareholders before interest, tax, depreciation, amoritsation, portfolio write up, foreign exchange gains or losses and non-recurring items.

3 Means profit for the period attributable to equity shareholders adjusted for the post-tax effect of exceptional items.